Types Of Trucks Available At Midcoast

Trucks can be classified in three different types due to the amount of weight they can carry and the work they are used for. The first type of trucks is the small size trucks; these include mini trucks which are usually used to deliver light weight material within a city perhaps. They can carry up to a few thousands kilograms of weight. And other trucks that lay within this category are: pickup truck, tow truck, minivan, panel truck and a few others. The second types of trucks are known as medium trucks and these include trucks such as fire truck, a flatbed truck, box truck, platform truck and many more. The third types of trucks are known as heavy trucks and these include trucks such as refrigerator truck, a tank truck, truck for concrete transportation, dumping and garbage collecting 4wd trucks for sale online Australia, units used with tractors and carriers for logs etc.

More trucks and what they are used for

By now you might have been aware of the many types of trucks that are available in the market, but if you are unsure as to what a particular type of truck can be used for, here is all you need to know. An automotive haulage is used to transport cars. Many a times in areas where there is limited car parking space, this is used as a valet as well. While using this truck, you have to be attentive while you load and unload a car. A similar haulage is used for transportation of boats as well. In addition to these truck used for transportation of vehicles, are trucks used to transport goods. A flat-bed truck is used for items such as water tanks, pipes, machines and equipment used in various industries. Heavy items can be transported on this truck, as they can be unloaded by tilting the trailer. Goods that are sensitive to temperature, mostly food items are transported from one place to another within a refrigerated truck. In addition to trucks, they also have tankers in store. They are used for transporting a variety of material from water to petrol and other hazardous chemicals.

 Other services they provide

Apart from selling new and used trucks, there are four distinct kinds of services that are provided by the team at Midcoast Trucks. These are: their department for fixed operations, second is their workshop on fabrication, third is their department on parts, and lastly their attention to detail and paint. The department for fixed operations will clear all the defects in your vehicle. The team consists of technicians that are well educated and experienced in this regard. The workshop on fabrication focuses on designing the body of the truck according to customer orders. better used trucks usually require a new look, this can be done by cleaning it and giving it a fresh coat of paint. Many customers want their trucks customized so that specific tasks can be performed, if you want that do contact the team at Midcoast Trucks.